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Bespoke Lampshades

The personalised lampshades are specially made to spell out your name by using animals as an acronym.

An ideal alternative gift for a new baby or adults who like to express their individualism, this shade is a stunning addition to any interior in a totally imitable way.

Price is dependant upon what you are looking for but they average at about £85. Do contact me at [email protected] for a quotation.

The shades can be made in three sizes, 20cm, 30cm and 40cm diameter. You can also choose whether to have a gold or a white inner.

Printed to order on premium fine art paper and finished off with an exquisite hand-gilded 24 carat gold leaf detail.

Please note that personalised prints cannot be returned but you will be sent a proof for approval prior to printing.

The example name 'Matilda' is made up of:

M - Mink

A - Anteater

T - Turkey

I - Iguana

L - Lyrebird

D - Duck

A - Armadillo