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Can I have totally bespoke order?
Yes! We can do anything you would like. Just send an email [email protected] detailing what you have in mind.
How much will it cost?
It depends what you are looking for. Tweaks of the standard range are often the most cost effective way of getting what you want. If you have a budget in mind it can always be worked within.
Can I return the bespoke product?
Bespoke products cannot be returned. To ensure that you are totally happy with the design you are sent a PDF  to decide whether you are happy with it or if you would like a few tweaks. Once you are totally happy with it is printed and sent out to you asap. 
How long will it take?
It depends on what you want! If there is a deadline please let me know and I will be honest about whether I can make it. Once the design is ready I usually expect to make and despatch your order within 5 working days and use a 48 hour courier service as standard. 

Delivery cost

UK delivery is free for orders over £50. I am always happy to check overseas delivery costs as they do vary from week to week.


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